The Pacific Partnership Trust is an international interdenominational charity based in the UK.

The Trust recognises that the Pacific Rim is increasingly the centre of global economic and political power. The church in these countries has a unique opportunity to develop new paradigms of mission and ministry which are indigenous to this emerging context rather than imported North Atlantic models and methodologies. We believe that networking and developing emerging leaders in the areas of business, the media and public life is vital for the growth of the church and the influence of the gospel in those societies.

We have a particular interest in New Zealand as a fusion culture. We believe some of the lessons from New Zealand of growing secularism in Western Culture, bi-cultural and multi-cultural interactions and the value of global connectedness is on the cutting edge of issues facing the church in the west. In one of the remotest countries in the world geographically we see huge movements of young people in and out of the country to work and study. We believe there is potentially huge strategic benefit to the world wide impact of the church in the 21st Century from supporting student and graduate ministry in New Zealand.

The Pacific Partnership Trust has a concern for the whole person. We believe it is vital in working with leaders, students and graduates, that issues facing the marginalised, underprivileged and poor are kept central. We are committed to exchange programs of practical work team and other initiatives to alleviate poverty around the Pacific Rim.

We are about leadership development, engagement with culture and practical action on the margins.

We pursue these aims through Partnership with appropriate agencies in New Zealand and the Pacific, through the provision of web based resources, through network based training interactions and through teams investing in sustainable development projects.